AustrianStartups Awesomeness Award

Award Categories

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Innovator of the Year

The category “Innovator of the Year” is dedicated to those who come up with unprecedented innovative solutions for existing problems. An innovator is committed to diversity and understands it takes many different points of view to fully grasp the complexity of economic, technological, and other challenges. This award stands for the characteristic of a great innovator and great companies where they see a space that others do not. They don't just listen to what people tell them, they actually invent something new.

Category Criteria

The nominees came up with innovative solutions to an existing problem or they created an environment that encourages people to push boundaries and explore various solutions.
The nominees show others how through collaboration and the power of diversity one can push beyond the status quo.
They did not allow themselves to be stopped by conventional restraints and they kept transforming the “business” world.

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Ecosystem Shaper of the Year

The category “Ecosystem Shaper of the year” is dedicated to all entrepreneurs, who have contributed significantly to the Austrian startup ecosystem in the year 2020. In particular, the nominees set and execute initiatives to create the best possible conditions for the success of startups all over Austria and even beyond.

Category Criteria

The nominees are known for their passion for entrepreneurship and ability as well as willingness to help startups and entrepreneurship grow. Key words: Passion, ability and willingness to use experience and/or ability to help startups.
The nominees embody their passions for entrepreneurship and are known for their willingness to be committed to the Austrian startup ecosystem.
The nominees have a positive impact on the Austrian startup ecosystem and contribute to the vision of the AAA.

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Entrepreneurial Leader of the Year

The category “Entrepreneurial Leader of the year” is dedicated to an outstanding individual who led or is leading an entrepreneurial project, thereby leaving a significant mark on their team. The nominee is someone to look up to for approach, skills and management of tasks.

Category Criteria

The nominees lead/led an entrepreneurial project in 2020.

The nominees lead/led in an exceptional manner.

The nominees possess an attribute or have had an experience to admire.

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Pivot of the Year

The category “Pivot of the year” is dedicated to people that made drastic changes in their life and/or career or business. In entrepreneurship, external circumstances sometimes force you to throw your plan overboard and go in a totally new direction. This is an inseparable part of entrepreneurship. This award is for those people who have made a drastic and impressive change and who have moved into completely new areas and succeeded in doing so. With this prize we want to celebrate the courage of these people and say wow, well done.

Category Criteria

The nominees are entrepreneurially active themselves or are involved in the startup ecosystem.
The nominees have made a pivot in the last year that has dramatically changed their business, career or life and have been able to shine throughout this process.
The story of the nominees shows how change can bring good things to life.

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Corona-Fighter of the Year

The category “Corona-Fighter of the year” is dedicated to all entrepreneurs that helped the Austrian society to get through the COVID-19 pandemic in the best possible way through their creative and innovative ideas.

Category Criteria

The nominees have started or were significantly involved in creating innovative solutions during the COVID-19 crisis.
The nominees have distinguished themselves by their ability, dedication and passion to help others through entrepreneurship.
The nominees have shown entrepreneurial leadership, which helped the Austrian society to get through the crisis in a better way.