How does the nomination process work?

Phase 1

Open nominations & registration


Nominate somebody that deserves to win the AAA!

Option 1

Record a short video



The video must last a maximum of 60 seconds.

You may also record it with your smartphone camera.

Cover these questions in your video:


have they accomplished in 2020?


should they win the AAA?


is the nominee?


is their current role?


Send us the video via WeTransfer at

We will contact the nominee to complete the nomination.



Post the video on Social Media and tag us.


​​​Option 2

Fill out the form

If you have chosen this option, please answer the questions in a few sentences via our Google Form and tell us why the nominated person is simply awesome!

Cover these questions:


have they accomplished in 2020?


should they win the AAA?


is their current role?

Phase 2

Shortlisting & Announcement

Based on the information from the nominator and nominee, the AAA-crew consults with the AustrianStartups Advisory-Board to determine the top 3 nominations in each award category (shortlisting).

After selection, the 3 best nominations will be announced as finalists of the AAA on the AustrianStartups websites and social media channels. These people will then run for the title in their category.

Phase 3

Jury Selection

The jury consists of selected members and experts of the AustrianStartups Board. Their task will be to rank each finalist according to the information presented to them.

As a neutral non-profit-organization, AustrianStartups wants to highlight achievements within the AustrianStartup Ecosystem.

We make no claim to completeness and can only consider persons nominated by the community.

Phase 4

Announcement of the winners

In February 2021, we will announce the winners from our 5 categories.

And the AustrianStartups Awesomeness Award goes to...

Do you have any questions about the nomination process?

If so, please contact us by email:


Important Definitions

The AAA defines Startups as organizations fulfilling the following characteristics: less than 10 years old; innovative in terms of products, services, technologies, and/or business models, significant employee or sales growth or the definite aim to do so.


Activities that contribute to the research, development, and design of new products, services or techniques, or to the improvement of existing products, thereby generating new technological knowledge.


An individual that has founded or works in a startup. The company can be from any industry as long as the core product/service is software and/or hardware.

Founder or team member of a startup


To disrupt the game and the way things are “normally” done.